Monday, May 11, 2015

 Oh these cute boys!! I couldn't help but laugh when I saw Nathan's picture.  At first I was a little frustrated that they didn't catch his beautiful REAL smile. But then I realized that this is really the whole reason I get these pictures, because they will be so fun to look back on and smile and laugh at. It really doesn't matter how or even if he smiles he is still so cute. Of course Daniel is also as cute as ever. I don't know how I got so lucky to raise such good lookin' little boys. I think in the future we will love looking at these pictures and remembering theses cute little second graders.

Noel Halloween Party

Another incredible Halloween Party at Grandma and Grandpa Noel's house.  I am sad I didn't take more pictures of all the fun, but at least I got one of Eddie and Shannon in their awesome costumes! They were hilarious!! We had a great time and we are getting ready for Halloween night!!

Second Grade Field Trip

I feel really lucky to be able to attend some of the field trips with my cute boys this year.  This time the second grade went to a park to play and have lunch and then headed over to The American West Heritage Center where they were able to learn a lot about how things were done in the olden days going to school and living and working on a farm.  They also watched a real blacksmith heat and bend metal into something useful.

It's good for me to see my kids interacting with other kids.  I am proud of them for not having to be the funniest, center of attention type. Yet they are happy and social.  They are really good boys and I am proud of the way they treat others.  It was a fun day with my cute boys.

Grandma Noel came to Logan for the day to help us get ready for Fall!! She took us to a fun little pumpkin patch with all kinds of pumpkins and squashes. The kids all got to pick out their own pumpkin and we were able to get a few fun pictures.  We then headed over the The American West Heritage Center for all of their Fall activities. We were disappointed that the pony rides and the train were closed until the evening but we still had some fun jumping in their jump house. Going down the long hill slide, shooting bb guns, and listening to the tour guides teach about what it was like in the olden days for kids going to school.  It is always so fun to have my mom around, and the kids just love being with their Grandma. I feel blessed to live close enough to her that my kids and I are able to see her often as we do.  Also I am getting very excited for the Fall Season which is by far my favorite time of year!

Off to highschool

My cute niece Catherine Bennett from Matt's side of the family, took Marie to High School with her for one of her classes where they were suppose to bring a child.  Marie was so excited to go and had such a fun time. Catherine said that everybody at school in the halls just loved Marie and kept saying how adorable she was.  I agree she is pretty cute, and she also has a pretty cute older cousin as well.  Some even thought they looked a little like sisters!

Ava's babies

I have absolutely loved having a baby that loves her baby dolls.  Since before she even turned a year old, she always had to have a baby with her.  She takes her babies for walks, she tucks them into bed, she feeds them in the doll highchair.  It is so cute to see her already pretending and she talks a lot. It's mostly gibberish, but I love listening to it.  She is for sure my baby that loves to pretend the most and is always busy playing.  I don't know if there is anything cuter than little toddlers busy playing.